Our Philosophy

Improving Police & Community Relations

Since 2018, The Knox Project has assisted over 20,000 minority youth in Chicago & surrounding suburbs. We have conversed with over 2,000 community organizers, more than 50 minority workgroups, 150 city, and state elected officials, and numerous spokesmen from the Chicago police departments.


Our Mission

We aim to educate and spread awareness with mutual respect between young adults and law enforcement. We seek to help Chicago’s minority teens and young adults for better decision-making. Our team prioritizes educating young minorities on the dangers of drugs, gangs, bullying, untreated mental health, and the significance of police in a civil society.

Police Officers

We have interviewed over 1,500 Chicago police officers, and has had sessions, workgroups, and/or off duty conversations with approximately 130 to date.

By collaborating with officers, we strive to educate willing officers on many things like staying current and understanding minority youth culture, the latest slang, community concerns, recommendations, and more.


Our work, data, and information collected from our law enforcement participants are strictly confidential and not disclosed for public, media, news, or any other type of consumption. We ensure our integrity, safeguard our reputation, and maintain the privacy of all willing participating officers.


What Police Officers have to say about us...

This program sounds like something that I would love to be a part of..

I believe that the city should implement your program as a city project.

If there was ever a time needed for a program like yours, this is the time right now.

I have learned so much about these neighborhoods and the people in it, in the short time that I have come to these gatherings. Not that I was ignorant of all of these things before I came, I just didn’t understand the minority youth culture as well as I thought I did. So, I must say that it has been enlightening.

You know, I thought that I didn’t have any biases at all. I thought that having biases meant that someone was full of hate and prejudice. But I’ve found out that’s not the case at all. We all have biases. We human…

If only a program like this was around 20 years ago: I believe things would be a whole lot better by now.

I truly like the whole working on both sides thing that you guys do. Today with everyone taking a side and condemning the other: I must say that this is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

If what you guys are trying to do work: I will applaud you. If it doesn’t work: I will still applaud you for trying.

I had an elderly black man tell me that I was a racist because I asked him for his license. I’m not nowhere near being a racist, and to tell you the truth: I was offended. But after coming to these group sessions, and seeing things from another person’s viewpoint: I guess if I was them, I too would make unfair judgement calls and think that all policemen were racists. Again, it still wouldn’t be right. But I suppose when people are feeling suppressed and oppressed, courtesy and fairness goes out the door.

I admit, sometimes we might go a little to far. But at the same time, you gotta understand that we can’t afford to be too passive. Our lives are on the line to. We are out there to enforce the law. Therefore, in this line of work: it is, and always have been a judgement call. Everything henges on those calls, and getting them right. So, to make a long story short: that’s the reason why I came here, to become more knowledgeable. And I believe that could help me to make better judgement calls. Every little bit helps.

I’m not saying that every police officer is out here doing right, but these kids today’. Man, they will take you there. I can use some heated interacting simulations to help me with my patience lol.

I really like the fact that you have one of our own here during these sessions. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t come if it wasn’t. I like that.

I came because my co-worker said it was a really good program. And I can honestly say that he was telling the truth. You guys really go above and beyond to help us.