COVID-19 Response Fund

Now—more than ever, we need everyone’s support to protect our most vulnerable neighbors.

The city of Chicago was already a vulnerable population before COVID-19 hit and we don't want the problem to get worse. We Need You Today!

As the global crisis continues, those we support need our programs more than ever. Our goal is to confront this challenge head on.

Safety and prevention are key! We will be providing masks, up to date statistics, developing information, along with the location and contact for the surrounding help centers throughout Chicago. We understand that many are suffering through these trying and difficult times, But together, WE WILL get through this. We are committed to our mission, and we're working diligently to ensure there are no gaps as we support our community.

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Whether you've been supporting us for years or you're just discovering our work, we need you now. By donating or sharing, you are part of the recovery that we're collectively striving to bring to our most vulnerable neighbors. 

How can you help?


If you're in a position to give, please support COVID-19 relief efforts. The global health crisis has created new challenges that we can overcome together—but we need your support to keep our most important programs running.


This is a tough time for many—some more than others. If you can't give today, a quick share is another great way to support our programs. Show your friends and family that you support our work by sharing this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or email and ask them to support as well. 

If you’re unable to give as much as you’d like to today, consider making a $10 monthly donation. If those who can give, do give a small amount each month, we can contiue to protect the most vulnerable during this time.